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Voicemail Service for Businesses and Personal Use in Orange County

In addition to our professional phone call reception services, The Telephone Secretary offers voicemail service for any sized business or for personal use. Located in Orange County, The Telephone Secretary has been operating since 1957. We take great pride in being the number one choice for phone, dispatching, and voice mail services in Southern California.

Having a remote voicemail option provides a number of benefits, and our voicemail service can be utilized by you or your company in a number of different ways. You can access your stand-alone voice mailbox with your very own personalized greeting. To access your messages, you simply call in and enter a unique password. Additionally, our voice mail services include a primary mailbox with the option for your callers to leave messages on a series of chain mailboxes associated with your voicemail.

You can set your voicemail up so your callers have a voice options menu. If callers need to speak to a live operator, they can press 0 and be transferred to one of our dispatchers.

The Number One Messaging Center for All of Southern California

When you partner with The Telephone Secretary and launch your messaging center, it is like having a live call service with voicemail message delivery. Your callers can either be transferred to the voicemail box or we can deliver the message directly to your voicemail. Additionally, a live operator can answer the call and transfer the caller into one of any multiple mailboxes you have set up for your business.

Whether you are screening calls, providing a menu of simple instructions, or setting up an emergency support system, our messaging center will benefit you and your business tremendously. To learn more about what The Telephone Secretary can offer you, call one of our specialists today.

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