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Compassionate and Caring Elderly Check-In Service for All of Orange County

We all have loved ones that could use additional support in remembering to take medication or make doctor’s appointments. Give yourself better piece of mind by giving them a regular check-in call. The Telephone Secretary offers an elderly check-in service by phone for Southern California. As a family owned and operated business in Orange County since 1957, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give your loved ones get the reminders they need.

Does your loved one have a regimen of medication that needs to be taken frequently or at specific times of the day? We can reach out with a phone call for live, personal reminders. Does your loved one attend regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments or have an upcoming medical exam they can’t miss? Our operators will get in touch and make sure they are reminded of their daily pill reminders and any upcoming scheduled medical visits.

Dependable Reassurance Calls for Seniors and Your Loved Ones

If you need to get a message to someone or send a reminder, The Telephone Secretary provides reassurance calls for seniors to keep the minds of you and your loved ones at ease. Whether you live locally or in an entirely different state, we make sure to be their for your family, friends, and close neighbors whenever you can’t be.

For regular check-ins, medication reminders, or doctor’s appointment reminders, let The Telephone Secretary assist you in making sure your older loved ones receive the information they need. To learn more about our reassurance calls and elderly check-in service, call now.

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